Wish List

Here’s a list of items and services that the Rapunzel Project is looking for.  Donations of any kind are welcome.  The Alaska Whale Foundation is a registered non-profit and all donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Wish List

  • Marine playback speaker= $1,500
  • 10-12′ zodiak with 2 stroke/ 9 horsepower outboard motor= $3,000
  • AA or 9v batteries= $150/season
  • Rite in Rain field notebooks= $150/season
  • 10 gigabyte SD card= $50
  • Marine VHF Radios= $500

Monetary Donations

  • $100= food for the research team for one day
  • $100= one week’s worth of fuel needed to drop hydrophones to listen to the whales
  • $200= lodging, electricity, and upkeep of the Five Finger Research station for one day
  • $1000= round trip transportation to and from a remote lighthouse to ‘civilized’ Alaska

Monetary donations can be mailed to:

4739 University Way N.E. #1239, Seattle WA 98105

Or Call Us!


Michelle Fournet
Rapunzel Project Field Leader
Andy Szabo
Alaska Whale Foundation Research Director

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