Onward and Upward

Hello Rapunzel Project Followers.  AWF deployed a new hydrophone at the Five Finger Lighthouse this summer!  It’s very exciting that our former lighthouse home is still listening.  Fred has just returned from Frederick Sound and I’m expecting a visit from him in just a few days to fill me in on the details of the setup.  I’m unsure as to how the data will be used, but if all goes well the sounds of the sea should be streaming online for you to listen too shortly.  You can read more about the installment on AWF’s official blog here

While you’re over there be sure to look around AWF’s new website.  It’s a beautiful release (I’m a little jealous to be perfectly honest) and is being well maintained by Andy and the crew.  If you read through the blog you’ll see a little note from me on the continuing acoustic work that I’m doing with AWF during my PhD.  Which leads me to my next and final point.It’s been two years since I’ve called the Five Finger Lighthouse my home.  While there is a strong possibility of my return in the future (possibly sooner than later), the Rapunzel Project research is nearly complete.  Andy and I have a publication in the works, and another on the way, and I’ve completed my M.S. degree and am well into my PhD.  In an effort to consolidate all of my research projects into a single page (right now I’m blogging for four different organizations) I’ve decided to put this site to bed and move things over to my personal page:



This blog will remain active, so you can come back and remember what it was like to be here, or dream about what it might have been like to come someday- but I will no longer update these pages.  All of the posts from this site have migrated to my new site.  I encourage you to follow me there (you can see my blog posts from the Rapunzel Project, as well as from my new academic home with the ORCAA Lab, and my posts as a SeaGrant Scholar).  It’s been a glorious experience… and it’s not over yet.




About Michelle Fournet

Michelle Fournet is a Wildlife Science PhD student with the Oregon State University Research Collective for Applies Acoustics (ORCAA) and a research contributor with the Alaska Whale Foundation, where she formerly headed the Rapunzel Project. She can be contacted at michelle.fournet@gmail.com.
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